CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Review

A top performing gaming pc under $800

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Review

Gaming rigs nowadays are either too expensive or equipped with old, obscure components. However, a couple of gems still grace the shelves of online marketplaces, and we’re happy to introduce CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR to you.

In essence, this is a high-performance gaming PC that packs top-shelf components, a variety of complementary features, and to top it all off, it doesn’t cost a fortune. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the review:

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Overview:

The following sections are dedicated to everything you need to know about CyberpowerPC’s Gamer Xtreme VR machine – what features it comes supplied with, how well it performs, in which areas it excels and in which there’s room for improvement:

Design and Aesthetics

First and foremost, let’s start off with CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR design. This is a formidable gaming setup that features a high-DPI gaming mouse, a dedicated gamer’s keyboard, and a mid-sized tower with remarkable RGB lighting.


The dimensions of the tower measure 18.5 inches by 7.9 inches by 17.9 inches; it shouldn’t take up too much desk space, and it’s not overly heavy, so moving it from place to place should be a breeze.

It also packs an excellent internal cooling system and two high-performance fans.

  • The main cooling fan sports an RGB-lit design.
  • The CPU fan doesn’t (which actually makes it more visible and easier to clean).

Another benefit you can hope of reaping is that this PC comes pre-assembled, so you will be able to use it straight out of the box.

CPU: Intel’s i5 9400F

CPU is, without any shadow of a doubt, the most important feature of a gaming setup. While graphics can be set to lower settings and some minor lag (due to low RAM) tolerated, it’s ultimately the processor that determines how smooth your PC will run.

The CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR is outfitted with Intel’s i5 9400F – a six-core 2.9 gigahertz processor with an integrated B360 chipset. Even though some of the latest games require Intel i7s (and higher), the 9400F is, luckily, among the strongest models in the generation.

It was specifically crafted for hardcore gaming, and it takes most of the credit for CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR’s impeccable performance for the money. On the flip side, it’s also responsible for the machine’s heftier price tag as well.

GPU: Nvidia’s Ge Force GTX 1660

Being able to run your favorite games is one thing, but actually getting the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful worlds of fantasy is a completely different story. A good processor will let you run pretty much anything, but it’s the graphics card that ultimately puts the final stamp on your gaming experience.

CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR sports Nvidia’s Ge Force GTX 1660 graphics card; it packs with :

  • a display port,
  • an HDMI slot, and
  • 6GB dedicated GDDR.

Although comparing CPUs to GPUs would be like comparing apples to oranges, we daresay that GTX 1660 is much stronger and better-suited for heavy-duty games than Intel i5 9400F.


RAM is the third most important feature of a gaming setup. It affects your frames-per-second (FPS), how smooth your games run, and your overall experience regarding online gaming.

Additionally, RAM is the only upgradeable feature – you could always add more while keeping your initial RAM cards in your rig, whereas other features need to be replaced if you are looking to upgrade your setup.

CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR packs 8 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. A couple of years ago 8 GBs of RAM used to feel like overkill; nowadays, this is pretty much the standard amount of memory a PC needs to smoothly run most games.


PC games take up a lot of memory, and you’ll need adequate storage if you don’t want to end up running the loop between a couple of your favorites. While HDDs offer quantity (hard disk drives), SSDs (solid-state drives) offer faster tracking and load files incomparably faster. Luckily, CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR features both.

This computer rocks 240 gigabytes of SSD and a full terabyte of hard disk storage. On a side note, SSD is also ‘responsible’ for remarkably fast system loading time.

Operating System

Generally speaking, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to install the OS of your choosing even if your PC setup came without one installed. However, most gamers have been waiting weeks and months for their rig to finally come, and being forced to wait for the system to be installed feels like watching people feast on delicious food while starving from afar.

CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR comes with pre-installed Windows 10-Home (64-bit variant); this version is genuine, which means that you’ll also receive benefits of automatic updates, Windows support, and a plethora of other goodies for free.


The connectivity level of CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR is absolutely phenomenal; it packs with:

  • six USB 3.1 ports,
  • two USB 2.0 ports,
  • a highly functional RJ 45 Ethernet connection, and
  • it supports 802.11 AC Wi-Fi.

Extra Features

Atop the high-quality CPU, GPU, and plenty of RAM memory, you’ll also receive a high-quality windowed side-case panel, a custom RGB lighting case, and a premium gaming mouse with multiple programmable buttons and several customizable RGB-lighting user presets.

Last, but certainly not least, CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR is VR-ready (hence the name); it is compatible with Oculus Rift & HTC Hive.

  • Excellent CPU chipset
  • Plenty of storage space; SSD included
  • Strong graphics card with 6 gigabytes of dedicated graphics memory
  • Outstanding connectivity
  • Complementary windowed case and gaming RGB gaming mouse
  • Comes pre-assembled with Windows 10-Home OS
  • Intel i5 series is slightly outdated
  • Only 8 gigabytes of RAM memory
  • Not exactly cheap

Our Verdict

Overall, CyberpowerPC’s Xtreme VR is a reliable, high-performance workhorse. It offers a well-designed, beautiful PC tower packed with remarkable features. Even though there’s a bit of room for improvement even still, we daresay it offers substantially more value for the buck in comparison to similarly priced PC setups.